Thursday, December 22, 2011

Basics of KISS II

This article will be very similar to the KISS III article, but will outline the differences between the two. If you have already read over KISS III this may be familiar to you.

Before I can introduce you to what I call KISS IV you'll need a basic understanding of the KISS II and KISS III system. If you want to know the index plays and get the inside tips from the creator himself you're going to have to check out Blackjack Bluebook II. With that disclaimer, here we go!

KISS II Stats: Betting Correlation: .90 Playing Efficiency: .62 Insurance Correlation: .87

KISS II is an unbalanced count. What this means for you is that it will be a bit simpler to use compared to a balanced count, but will lose some accuracy when because of the fact that there is no true count conversion. We'll take care of that loss of accuracy with KISS IV.

With KISS II your initial running count (IRC) will vary depending on the number of decks you are playing. For the purpose of this discussion we are going to assume you are playing a six deck shoe. In this case your initial running count will be set to 9, exactly the same as KISS III. The card ranks are as follows:

KISS II Card Ranks

For basic information on how to use these tags to your advantage please read the Kiss III article or for a more in depth discussion please read the Basics of Card Counting article or the KISS IV article.

You can use the exact same initial running counts, betting ramps, insurance, and index plays as KISS III.

If you haven't purchased Blackjack Bluebook II yet, I highly recommend it!  Click the picture below!

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