Sunday, December 4, 2011

How Can Rat Holing Increase Your Profit?

What is Rat Holing?

Rat holing is the process of taking chips off of the table, and putting them into your pocket to make your wins appear smaller, and your losses appear bigger. This should be done slowly and methodically, as a pit crew will notice large amounts of chips coming off of the table. Higher denomination chips receive more scrutiny, and are much harder to rat hole.

How Does Rat Holing Increase Profit?

Rat holing doesn't directly relate to individual session profits, but it can provide longevity.  The pit crew will be more comfortable with a player who is "losing," and be less likely to back them off. Also, if you are playing rated, wins and losses will be tracked in the computer, allowing you to survive longer when showing multiple losing sessions.

Rat Holing Tips

  1. Rat hole smaller denomination chips slowly and methodically.  When I say slowly and methodically I am referring to the amount of chips, not the actual motion of the rat hole.
  2. Do not cash out rat holed chips in the same session.  Save the chips for a later date, or have a friend cash them out for you.
  3. Keep your chips disorganized to make it harder for the pit crew to know how much you have. 

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