Monday, September 4, 2017

Double Deck S17 Excel Blackjack Game

Today I would like to share a S17 DAS Double Deck Excel game that I created.  Feel free to download and use this to practice tracking your running and true count, play long term to track a practice bankroll, or just as a fun game to play to pass the time.

The top row will show the dealer's cards, and the next row will show the player's.  You may split up to three times for a total of four hands.  You are given a $10,000 bankroll to begin.

Both the running count and the true count will be shown between hands, although there is a toggle to the left which allows you to hide these numbers until you want to check.  The Hi Lo count is the count used.  True count is calculated at quarter deck resolution, and then floored.  

The discard tray is placed in the upper right hand corner, and displays the math needed to convert your running count into your true count.  

If you Wong out at a certain count, you can use the shuffle button next to the discard tray to get a fresh shoe.  And if all else fails, there is an emergency clear button if you happen to run into a bug causing issues.  Enjoy!

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